Cheap Content Creation & Copywriting

Cheap Content Copywriting

At USP Websites, we provide cheap content creation services and copywriting for budgets of all sizes. Our team of UK writers have been producing affordable great content for many years, in a wide range of different niches and markets.

Do you need content for your website, blog or social media pages? Are you struggling to write your own content, find the time to create naturally keyword rich text, and manage your online business at the same time?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then we can help.

We write high-quality, cheap content for online platforms, from websites and blogs, to social media pages and about profiles, and have been doing so for the past ten years.

Despite the low-cost, we deliver great results that achieve clients’ goals whether we are writing for the human eye, search engines or both.

Cheap Content Writing For Your Platforms

The types of content that we are producing for clients on a regular basis include;

  • Website content – homepage, about, services, introductions, product descriptions.
  • Blog content – posts, articles, guides, how-to’s.
  • Social media content – profiles, updates, service promotion, announcements.
  • Review content – reviews for products and services.
  • News – press release and news items for services, companies and announcements.

All content is produced on client preference and recommendations. Clients can have as little or as much input as they like in the type of content they want us to produce.

Why Us For Copywriting?

Our stand-out quality is that we have a team of experienced, native UK-English speaking writers. These writers have the knowledge and expertise in producing fantastic down-to-earth content.

Clients tell us time and again how impressed they are by our no-nonsense realistic approach to content. We aim to achieve free-flowing, natural text, created by our grounded local British dialect and background.

All content that we create is unique and from scratch. We do not spin or rehash any articles, ever.

Specialist Areas – Gambling & SEO Content

The background of our copywriting team is SEO and gambling. They have been breathing these 2 niches for more than 10 years. Although highly competitive, these subjects are rewarding and work well for website page content, guides and articles.

At USP Websites, the team we have writing content live on the internet. They are up to date with current trends and understand what it takes to get the attention of an audience and the search engines.

Current trends for content creation include:

  • Lists – Short bursts, to-the-point lists of easy to digest information about a subject.
  • Best of – Best of articles focusing on a specific subject or niche.
  • Things to do – Interesting grab-attention pieces that are fun to read; “7 things to do in…” “8 things you probably didn’t know about…”.
  • Product Vs Product – Comparison stand-off articles of products or services in your industry.

When we create content that is cheap, although some people may be put off by the price, it does not affect the end-result. What’s more is, we make full use of keywords and meta data that clients wish to focus on to ensure great results.

So if you’re looking for content creation services by a UK company, get in touch today with your requirements and see how we can help you. No order is too big or small as we have experience of producing anything from one article to 100 blog posts.